SIO4A - End of Life

Four RS-422/ 485 or RS232 Channels (Deep FIFOs)

Please Note:

The VME-SIO4A is now considered End of Life. For more information, please read the End of Life document for this product. For future designs, we recommend the SIO4BXR installed on a PMC site on an SBC or the SIO4BX installed on an XMC site.

The VME-SIO4A is a four channel RS422/RS485 or RS232 serial board. Each channel can operate up to the maximum 10 Mbits/ sec. An optional FIFO buffer (up to 32 Kbytes) for both transmit and receive data on each channel provides for a smooth and efficient interface between the serial interfaces and the VME host processor. The board is based on the ZilogÂȘ Z16C30 high speed Integrated Universal Serial Controller (USC) which supports Asynchronous, Isochronous, Bisync, HDLC, SDLC and Nine-Bit protocols. The USC chip provides full duplex operation with baud rate generators, digital phase-locked loop for clock recovery.

New Feature! Call for availability of a conduction cooled (CCPMC) version of this board! Read more about our new PMC Conduction Cooled products!

Industrial temperature versions are available for all products. Please contact us for more information! We feature free Windows and Linux drivers where available.

CE Certification Available - Call factory for status

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Download a complete data sheet for the SIO4A

Download the user manual for the SIO4A

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