Company Profile

General Standards Corporation develops and manufactures the highest-performance Analog I/O, Digital I/O and Serial I/O products based upon a variety of buses such as PMC, PCI, VME, PC/104 and cPCI. Our extensive product line(currently over 70 products) includes I/O boards, high speed links, cables,and software drivers.

Product Features

Our products are designed to increase your system performance, improve your software integration, and maximize your development productivity.

We serve a sophisticated customer base of engineers and scientists who demand high quality products and support; they provide us with valuable feedback that helps us develop better products.

Our new product summary presents a number of new products, as well as enhancements to many of our existing products. We also are continuously upgrading the value of this Web site, to make it a better tool for you. I encourage you to visit our Web site often to gather the latest information on our products and product upgrades.

Customer Service

In all of our interactions, we strive to keep you satisfied with our company. Our technical staff is available to discuss your needs and explain our products. We also take great pride in providing good support for your system integration effort.

New Product Development

At General Standards Corporation we are committed to your success and we continuously improve our existing products and deliver innovative new products on a regular basis. We pay close attention to customer needs in an effort to provide the best products in the business. So, if you have an interesting or unique product idea, we would like to discuss it with you, please give us a call.

We are continually adding new products and adding features; the latest versions of our product brochures are posted on our website.

Ordering and Availability

Most of our boards are available in small quantities from stock and can be shipped within 5 days.

Purchase options include:
VISA, Master Card, and American Express;
Established credit account;
Bank check/money order;
Letter of credit, credit card (for overseas shipment).


Visit our Web site,, for the latest product brochures and upcoming product announcements.

We can Email sample software and manuals (PDF or Word format). If necessary we can also mail hard copy manuals and sample software on floppy disks.

Mission Statement

General Standards Corporation’s mission is to be the dominant provider of PMC and high performance PCI analog, digital, and serial I/O boards for the embedded market. We will achieve this through our commitment to open standards, high quality, and customer satisfaction. We work continuously with customers to ensure that investments made today will work in tomorrow’s application environment.

Software Drivers

We have drivers for most of our products. We have VxWorks™, Windows NT™, Windows 2000™, Linux™, Labview™ and Solaris™ drivers for PowerPC, Sparc, and Pentium computer boards.

We are constantly developing new drivers and porting our drivers to the newest processor boards.

Our partners are also developing drivers for our products (Linux, QNX, etc).

Technical Support

We have a staff of Engineers to help answer any questions you may have about our products. We will patiently and courteously provide any support that you need to make sure that you are satisfied with our products.

We pride ourselves on close customer teamwork and strategic alliances with vendors and computer board manufacturers. Our employees understand that our future is in the hands of our customers, and customer satisfaction is the driving force for long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. We stake our reputation on our ability to work with customers to solve any problems that may arise without ever saying "it’s not our problem".

Custom Board Development

Our claim to fame is our ability to develop custom boards as well as new products quickly and efficiently. We emphasize the use of small development teams with one (or more) persons assigned to each major aspect of the design effort, conceptual design, PLD design entry, simulation schematic entry, test code, and documentation. We place a lot of emphasis on making documentation easy to understand; this allows for easier customization and re-use of core designs on variations of a product.

The time span to develop a new product is typically 8 to 14 weeks. In one case we made a major design variation (doubled FIFO width) in less than two weeks (from decision to delivered product); this included new artwork, raw board fab, assembly, and testing.

The challenge of doing a high quality design in the shortest time possible is an important part of our company’s culture. We have a winning team focused on high quality, state-of-the-art products, and good customer service.

Give us a call. We will help you any way we can.

Paul Rainosek,President

REACH and RoHS Statements
TEAMWORK == Together we achieve the Extraordinary.
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