High Reliability Processing

    Ordering Options are available for high reliability, ruggedized, extended temperature, and conformal coating.

High Reliability High Reliability Processing
Ruggedization Industrial Temp
Conduction Cooled Conformal Coating

High Reliability

If a product will experience environmental temperature fluctuations or power cycling, then the high reliability ordering option is recommended.
It is also recommended for applications where repairs are difficult or failure is unacceptable.

At General Standards Corporation, high reliability is not just extended temperature operation.

High Reliability Processing Options

High reliability processing is an ordering option. This includes:

  • Manufactured to AS9100 Standard;
  • Aircraft Qualified Assembly;
  • Raw boards are gold immersion type (instead of ENIG);
  • Extended temperature parts are used (-40C to +85C ambient at board);
  • Raw boards and large parts are cleaned and baked prior to assembly;
  • Leaded solder is used (subject to availability of leaded BGAs);
  • Solder paste height is measured prior to assembly;
  • Cleanliness testing is done on one board from each lot;
  • Boards are subjected to a 72-hour burn-in (while operating);
  • X-ray photos of all BGAs are provided to customer for approval;
  • BGAs are dammed to prevent contamination underneath;
  • Material used for the damming procedure is DOW Corning 3145 RTV (gray);
  • Boards are conformal coated using Miller Stevens D0522A Urethane (Conforms to MIL-I-46058C,Type UR:MIL-C-47175A).

  • Boards are cleaned and baked again after final assembly;

  • Boards undergo testing after each process (Multiple tests to insure low failure rate);

  • Tracking of each process is documented for each individual board;

  • Special procedures for HiRel boards include documenting failed parts and saving all failed parts;

Price and Ordering Options for HiRel Boards

The catalog price for HiRel processing is 1.75 times the list price for the commercial temperature version of the board.
When the board is run for the first time, there is an NRE of $7,300.00. The NRE will only apply to the first lot. This NRE includes the LOT Charge.
For subsequent orders, there is a lot charge of $4,000.00 for the HiRel option. The lot charge includes X-ray photos, cleanliness testing, and a written report.
Add -HR to specify HiRel processing.

Part Number Notes

Lockheed does not want any change to the part number.
They will keep track of it by using the revision of the board (Rev B).
When Lockheed orders the HiRel option, they will include it as a separate line item on the PO.
However, we will add -HR to the end of the part number for other customers unless they want to do the same as Lockheed (ie, separate line item on PO).


Price for Ruggedization is $500 per board.

Example of Ruggedization:
Current part number is PMC-SIO4BX-256K-C.
Board is already conformal coated (Conformal coat is MIL-I-46058C Type UR, Part number is Miller Stephenson MS-470N URETHANE).
New part #: PMC-SIO4BX-256K-C-RTV.
Add RTV (M4614621AGN (Dow Corning 3145 RTV, gray) to jumpers J5:1/2 and J5:3/4 and around edges of BGA U9.
Add EMI gasket (Gore EDR-21-010-0125-SC) between front bezel and front panel connector.
This will be 4 EMI strips adhered to back of bezel before bezel assembly.
Do this before Loctite!
Add locking feature ASTM D 5363 AN0321 (Loctite 242) to four mounting screws through PCB, and two connector jack screws.
Do NOT add Loctite to four screws on top of CCA (for customer board mounting).
Remove sockets on U6 and U7 and solder DIPs directly to PCB. Touch up conformal coat as necessary.
Remove old label and replace with new part #. Touch up conformal coat as necessary.
Attach customer supplied polyimide label to front of bezel.

Industrial Temp Versions

List price is quoted with Standard Commercial Temperature versions:
Operating: 0 to +70 Degrees Celsius *
Storage: -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius

For Industrial / Extended Temperature Versions:
Operating: -40 to +80 Degrees Celsius *
Storage: -55 to +125 Degrees Celsius
* Air temperature at board surface

The list prices quoted are for the commercial temp version only.

Price for Industrial Temp version:
To obtain the price for industrial Temp (-40C to +85C ambient at board) versions of GSC products, simply add 30 percent to the list price.

NOTE: The price for the extended temperature version (-40C to +85 degree C) covers the cost of industrial temp parts on the board; however, testing is done at the standard 25 Degree C and no environmental screening is done for this price differential. Call for availability of environmental testing/screening. A few parts are not available in industrial temp; however, this problem has not occurred to date. If a part is found to fail over the industrial temp range, it will be replaced at no charge to the customer.

Model Number Suffix:
Add I to the model number:
Example the part number for the industrial temp version of the PMC66-SIO4BXR-256K board would be

Conduction Cooled Versions

To obtain the price for conduction cooled versions of GSC products, simply double the list price.
For example, the conduction cooled price of the PMC66-14HSAI4 is $8990.00. The part number of the conduction cooled version would be CCPMC66-14HSAI4. There is also a minimum order of 5 boards for conduction cooled versions.

Testing of Boards:
Although the boards will be designed to the CCPMC spec (see vita.com, specification for conduction cooled PMC boards) and they will utilize components specified to operate over the temperature range of -40 degree C to +85 degree C, this price includes only our normal in-house testing to commercial standards. No environmental testing will be done at GSC. It is expected that the environmental testing will be done by the customer with the host board. If a part is found to fail over the extended temp range, it will be replaced at no charge to the customer.

In the event that we would not be able to get all channels in a conduction cooled version; what would you be willing to give up? What is the minimum requirements for the number channels?

Our existing conduction cooled board uses rear I/O.

Conduction cooled versions will be with faceplate I/O (front panel I/O) which will be compatible with a conduction cooled host card that has removable ribs. For more information, see the compatibility matrix(table 2-1) in the CCPMC spec(ANSI/VITA 20-2001) on the vita website.

Delivery of the first conduction cooled version will be 16 weeks ARO.

Conformal Coating:

Model Suffix Number:
Add C to the model number:
Example: PMC66-16AO16-16-F100-DF-C

The price is $400.00 per board for all form factors

Coating Material:
Conformal coating material: UL94 V-0, IPC-CC-830, & MIL-I-46058C
Type: Acrylic
Part number: TECHSPRAY Turbo-Coat Acrylic Conformal Coating 2108

REACH and RoHS Statements
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