Sonar Boards

    General Standards Corporation is a leading supplier of a range of Analog I/O boards for sonar applications on different form factors/buses, and for different operating systems. See our list of products below.

Features Include:


  • Low skew between channels
  • Multi-Board Synchronization
  • Sigma-Delta and Delta-Sigma Analog Input
  • Output reconstruction filters
  • Up to 64 Channels per Board
  • Programmable Sampling Rates to 500K SPS
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Resolutions: 16-bit, 20-bit, and 24-bit
  • Ask about other features such as GPS Synchronization

Form Factors:

  • PCI-Express
  • Ask About Other Form Factors

  • Software Drivers:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Ask About Other Drivers

  • Products List:

    --- Analog Input boards ---
    • 24DSI64C200K - 64-channel sigma delta analog input board, at 200K sample/sec per channel
    • 24DSI20C500K - 20-channel analog input board, at 500K samples/sec per channel
    • 16HSDI - 16-bit, 6 Channel High-Speed Sigma-Delta Analog Input to 1.1M Samples/ Sec per Channel.
    • CCPMC-16AI32SSA - Conduction cooled PMC board used for terrain Avoidance
    • PCIe-24DSI64C200K - 24-Bit, 64-Channel, 200KSPS, PCI-Express Module With 64 Differential Delta-Sigma Input Channels
    --- Analog Output boards ("chirp generator") ---
    • 16AO64C - 64-channel analog output board
    • 20AOF16C500KR - 20-bit, 16-channel analog output board with output reconstruction filters.
    • 16AO16FLV - 16-bit, 16-channel analog output board with Dual Selectable 8th-Order Continuous-Time Reconstruction Filters on All Outputs.
    • 16AOF64 (In Development) - 16-Bit, 64/32-Channel, 500KSPS PCI Express Analog Output Board With Reconstruction Output Filters.
    --- Amplifier Control ---
    • DIO32A-S - 32-channel IO board for automatic disabling of one or more channels in the event of an amplifier fault or cable short
    --- Clock Drivers ---
    • Clock Drivers are listed on the accessories page. These clock drivers minimize skew between boards.
    • See here for more

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