12-bit Analog I/O, 32-Input/4-Output Channels,16 Digital I/O Port and 1.5M-Conversions/sec

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The 12AIO provides a cost effective high-speed 12-bit analog input/output and digital I/O board. Four analog output channels (at 300,000 samples/ sec per channel) are updated either synchronously or asynchronously, and support arbitrary waveform generation. The analog inputs are configurable as either 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs, and can be scanned continuously or in bursts. Inputs and outputs have a common software selected range of ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V, and are accessed through independent 32K-sample FIFO buffers. Internal auto-calibration networks permit calibration to be performed without removing the board from the system. Software controlled test configurations include a loop-back mode for monitoring all analog output channels.

New Feature! Call for availability of a conduction cooled (CCPMC) version of this board! Read more about our new PMC Conduction Cooled products!

Industrial temperature versions are available for all products. Please contact us for more information! We feature free Windows and Linux drivers where available.

CE Certification Available - Call factory for status

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