New at GSC

New Feature! GPS Synchronization:
GPS Synchronization   New feature gives analog I/O boards the ability to synchronize via GPS world-wide allowing for very predictable data sampling!
Read more about GPS Synchronization!
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New! GSC Products Now Available with Speeds up to 600Mbyte per second I/O rate!
pmc64 digital I/O card   The PMC64C-HPDI40C2L board is a flexible bi-directional 32-bit digital I/O board that transmits and receives data via LVDS at rates up to 600 Mbytes per second. This board provides a 64-bit 66MHz PCI interface capable of 400Mbytes/sec burst rate and sustains a continuous rate of over 300Mbytes/sec. An upgrade to 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X is in the works that will be able to sustain the full 600Mbyte per second I/O rate.
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New! 32 Differential Analog Inputs with dedicated 1.0MSPS 18-Bit ADC per Channel!
pmc66-18ai32ssc1m   The PMC66-18AI32SSC1M analog input board samples and digitizes up to 32 input channels simultaneously at rates up to 1,000,000 samples per second for each channel. Native conversion resolution is available as either 18 bits or 16 bits. Data on native 18-Bit boards can be configured as either 16 or 18 bits.
  Each input channel contains a dedicated successive-approximation (SAR) ADC, the sampled data from which is errorcorrected and routed to the PCI bus through a 1-MByte FIFO buffer. The 32-Bit local data path supports full D32 local-bus data packing for 16-Bit data. Read more about our new PMC66-18AI32SSC1M

New! Six-Channel Low-Noise 24-Bit Delta-Sigma PC104-Plus board!
pc104p-24dsi12ln   The PC104P-24DSI6LN is a Six-Channel Low-Noise 24-Bit Delta-Sigma PC104-Plus board with 200 KSPS Sample Rate per Channel provides high-density 24-bit analog input resources on a standard PC104-Plus module.
  This module is ideal for a wide variety of dynamic applications, including the analysis of complex audio signals and waveforms. Read more about our new PC104P-24DSI6LN

New! GSC Products Now Available on PCI Express!
pcie-pmc-adapter   This adapter allows any PMC I/O board to be used on PCI Express! PCI Express, officially abbreviated as PCIe is a computer expansion card interface format.
  It was designed as a much faster interface to replace PCI, PCIX, and AGP interfaces for computer expansion cards and graphics cards.
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New Feature! Conduction Cooling:
image   General Standards Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of conduction cooled I/O boards. This technology allows for maximum heat transfer, especially in non-forced air applications.
  Perfect for avionics, ground vehicles and space applications!
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