GPS Synchronization  - Available on PMC-PCI-PC104P-PCIe

Low noise, 24-bit resolution, low phase distortion and multi-board synchronization!
Make the PC104P-24DSI12, PMC-24DSI12, PC104P-24DSI6LN and the PMC-24DSI6LN boards ideal for state-of-the-art sonar and noise monitoring applications.

The GPS Synchronization feature allows the 24DSI12 to synchronize to an external timing reference, the external sync input pins in the I/O connector can be configured to accept a 1PPS GPS clock (LVDS or TTL).
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Background Information on GPS
The GPS system (also called NAVSTAR) includes 24 satellites each with three or four onboard atomic clocks. The US Naval Observatory monitors the satellite�s clocks and sends control signals to minimize the differences between their atomic clocks and a master atomic clock for accuracy and traceable to national and international standards (known as UTC).

For time synchronizing a clock, the GPS signal is received and distributed by a master clock, time server, or primary reference source to a device, system, or network so the local clocks are synchronized to UTC. Typical accuracies range from better than 500 nanoseconds to 1 millisecond anywhere on earth.

The GPS clock synchronization eliminates the need for manual clock setting (an error-prone process). The benefits are numerous and include: legally validated time stamps, regulatory compliance, secure networking, and operational efficiency. Obtain more information here!

Advanced Features of the 24DSI12

  • Supports GPS Synchronization through a 1PPS Input

  • With 200 KSPS Sample Rate per Channel

  • 12 Differential 24-Bit Analog Input Channels

  • Delta-Sigma Converter per Channel, with Linear Phase Digital Antialias Filtering

  • Software-Selectable Input Ranges: 2.5V, 5V, 10V

  • 256 K-sample FIFO Buffer

  • Synchronous or Independent ADC Clocking

  • Internal Sample Rate Generators

  • 256 K-sample FIFO Buffer


1-year warranty

12 Differential 24-Bit Analog Input Channels, Available on PMC, PCI, PC104P, PCIe, PCIx

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