Any I/O card can be easily converted to PC/104-Express..

  PMC cards can be installed on a PC/104-Express stack by using PMC-to-PC/104-Express adapters.
  Contact factory for availability of PMC-to-PC/104-Express adapters.

Data Acquisition

   General Standards Corporation is a leading supplier in data acquisition I/O boards, provides a complete family of data acquisition cards for sonar, industrial, and embedded applications on several form factors/busses, and for many operating systems.    Functions available include analog I/O, serial I/O, and high speed parallel I/O.

Form Factors:


  • PCI-Express
  • PXI
  • PMC
  • PCI
  • cPCI
  • PCI-X
  • cPCI-X
  • XMC
  • VME
  • PC/104-Plus
  • PC/104-Express
  • VPX
  • Ask About Other Form Factors

  • Software Drivers:

  • Windows
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • Linux
  • MathWorks
  • Solaris
  • Labview
  • xPC Target
  • Ask About Other Drivers

  • Analog I/O Boards:

    • Up to 64 Input Channels per Board
    • Programmable Sampling Rates to 50M SPS
    • GPS Synchronization
    • Auto-Calibration
    • Multi-Board Synchronization
    • Sigma-Delta and Delta-Sigma Analog I/O
    • Resolutions from 12 bits to 24 bits
    Analog I/O Selection Tables

    Serial I/O Boards:

    • Serial Mode Protocols include Asynchronous, Bisync, SDLC, HDLC, IEEE 802.3, Synchronous Telemetry, Simple Clock/Data ("-SYNC" product line), and Di-phase.
    • Transceiver support RS485, RS422, RS232, RS423, V.35, RS530, as well as other software selectable mixed protocol modes
    • Up to Eight Independent Serial Channels per Board
    • Synchronous Serial Data Rates up to 10 Mbits/sec
    • Asynchronous Serial Data Rates up to 1 Mbits/sec
    • Deep Transmit and Receive FIFOs up to 128K
    • PMC and cPCI rear I/O support
    • Custom Protocols Available
    Serial I/O Selection Tables

    Digital I/O Boards:

    • Cable Transfer speeds up to 400 mb/per second
    • Large FPGA provides for flexable cable interface
    • Several cable transceiver options including RS-422, RS-485, LVDS, PECL, and TTL
    Digital I/O Selection Table

    PC/104-Express Standards

    Introduction to PCI/104-Express

     The PCI/104-Express specification establishes a standard to use high speed PCI ExpressR bus in embedded applications.
      Incorporating the PCI Express bus within the industry proven PC/104 architecture brings many advantages for embedded applications including fast data transfer, low cost due to PC/104's unique self-stacking bus, and high reliability due to PC/104's inherent ruggedness.


    The main objective in defining an addition of PCI Express to PC/104 was to preserve the attributes that have made PC/104 so successful in embedded applications, namely:
      Compact: 3.6 by 3.8 inches (90 x 96 mm) module size;
      Self-stacking: expands without backplanes or card cages;
      Rugged, reliable connectors: reliable in harsh environments;
      Four-corner mounting holes: resistance to shock and vibration;
      Fully PC compatible: reduced development costs and time-to-market.
      In addition, the design had to support automatic detection of up or down stacking and had to have automatic link shifting to allow simplified, universal add-on module designs.
      The PCI/104-Express design approach provides a consistent and interchangeable path for the stackable PC architecture across the PC/104 Embedded Consortium's 104, EPIC, and EBX form factors.
    More Information

    PCI/104-Express Specification Overview/strong>

    PCI Express bus connector:
      Four x1 PCIeR Links
      One x16 PCIe Link (optionally configurable as two x8 Links, two x4 PCIe Links, or two SDVO Interfaces)
      Power: +3.3V, +5V, +12V, and ATX power and control signals and Power OK.

      Summary of the basic specs of PCI/104-Express modules:
      Number of PCI Express modules per stack -- 4 x1 and 1 x16 (host may configure as two x4 or x8);
      Stack direction - Stack up or stack down;
      Data throughput PCI bus - 132 M Bytes/sec (26 times ISA);
      Data throughput single x1 Link - 500 M Bytes/sec (4 times PCI);
      Data throughput x16 Link - 8,000 M Bytes/sec (60 times PCI);
      Total data throughput all Links - 10,000 M Bytes/sec (75 times PCI);
      PCI Express bus power +5V power capability - 84 watts;
      PCI Express bus power +12V power capability - 100 watts;
    The PCI Express connector was specifically designed to match the PC/104 standard 0.600 inch (15.24mm) stacking height and standoff tolerances.

    PC/104 Bus Evolution

     PC/104 stackable embedded PCs have followed the desktop PC.

     PCIe/104 is PCI/104-Express without the PCI bus. Since PCI Express is based on PCI technology, a PCI Express to PCI Bridge is a straightforward. A comparison between a PCI/104-Express CPU and Stack and a PCIe/104 CPU and stack shows that both easily support PCI Express and PCI add-in cards.
        Copies of the PCI/104-Express Specification are available to individuals and companies developing embedded systems. For further information, contact the PC/104 Embedded Consortium at www.pc104.org.

    Other PC/104 Specifications

     The PC/104 Embedded Consortium maintains the PC/104T, PC/104-PlusT, and PCI-104T specifications on the 104T form factor as well as the specifications for the EPICT and EBXT form factors.

     PC/104 is the original specification. It defined the 104 form factor at 3.550 x 3.775 inch. PC/104-Plus added PCI bus to classic PC/104 on the 104 form factor.
      PCI-104 is the same as PC/104-Plus, except it does not have an ISA connector.

    Where Does PCI/104-Express Fit?

    Where Does PCI/104-Express Fit?
    The PCI/104-Express & PCIe/104 specifications continue to follow the desktop PC.
    PC/104 supports ISA only
    PC/104-Plus supports PCI and ISA
    PCI-104 supports PCI only.

      The PC/104 logo, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express, PCIe/104, 104 are trademarks of the PC/104 Embedded Consortium. PCI, PCI Express, and PCIe are trademarks of PCI-SIG.   For more Info see:

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