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GSC is an innovative engineering company that is comprised of a custom design group and a standard products division that designs and builds PMC, PCI, and VME board level products.

GSC has built a number of products based on the PLX 9060 and 9080 series of PCI interface ICs. These products include video, digital I/O, camera, optically isolated I/O, analog and serial I/O interfaces. GSC specializes in building unique and high-performing digital interfaces from PMC and PCI to external devices. In addition we have designed and built low-speed analog and optically isolated digital I/O for industrial and machine control/monitoring applications.

GSC's designers have over 50 years experience designing to "open bus" standards. GSC has designed, developed and delivered analog, digital, communication, high-speed DMA, computer interface, and telecom products on nearly every standard bus including VME, IPack, VXI, Multibus II, ISAbus, and in the last three years PMC and PCI.

The following people have used General Standard's custom design group:

"Being in a severe time crunch, GSC provided us a loaner, technical advice, and some of the best support we have seen in a long time."

  Dr. Dieter Willner
MIT Lincoln Labs

"Working with GSC was easy; every time we changed directions, their responsiveness and agreeability made our work easier."

  Jim Slemp
Redstone Technical Test Center

"GSC designed and built a very high-speed video interface on a PMC board for us. Their after the sale technical support was very good and made a big difference in our final success"

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