a 32-channel, 24-bit delta-sigma analog input board,...
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HPDI32CL - Coming Soon!

High-Speed 32-Bit Parallel Data Interface Board Up to 500 MByte/sec LVDS interface

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  • Four Lane PCI Express (PCIe4) Interface
  • PCIe Data transfers to/from Memory Buffers at speeds approaching 800 MByte/sec
  • Large 512 MByte (128M x 32) Transmit/Receive Memory Buffers
  • 500 MByte/sec Transfers to/from the Board via LVDS Front Panel Interface
  • Bidirectional LVDS Transceivers provide for Multipoint Applications
  • Half Duplex Operation - Transmit or Receive Mode
  • Programmable Transmit Clock from 125MHz down to 50Hz
  • Programmable Polarity for Clock and Data Valid Signals
  • Five General Purpose IO Signals, including Interrupt Inputs
  • Optional Receive Ready Signal for Data Throttling
  • Interrupts available including DMA Completion, Transfer Status, Cable Status
  • 80 pin Front Edge I/O Connector
  • Standard Twisted Pair Ribbon Cables and Custom Cables available
  • Windows and Linux drivers Available

New Feature! Call for availability of a conduction cooled (CCPMC) version of this board! Read more about our new PMC Conduction Cooled products!

Any PMC board can be used on PCI Express, PCI-X, cPCI-X, PCI, cPCI, PC/104-Plus via an adapter. View a list of our adapters.
Industrial temperature versions are available for all products. Please contact us for more information! We feature free Windows and Linux drivers where available.

CE Certification Available - Call factory for status

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