Delta-sigma and Sigma-delta Analog Input for PCI, PMC, cPCI, PC/104-Plus and PCI-104

The clear choice for Sonar, Seismic, Recording Studio, and Other Applications.

Now your choice is easy. General Standard’s Data Acquisition Boards are more precise, use less power, less noise, and are lower in price than the closest competitor.

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The following is a comparison of Delta-Sigma Data Acquisition Board
Characteristics of General Standard's offering and the leading competitor.
Leading Competitor
Power Dissipation/32-Chan 12 Watts Typical** 35 Watts
Phase Skew 55ns (0.1 deg at 5KHz) Not specified
Crosstalk 96dB 90dB
SINAD 93dB (PCI, cPCI,PMC, & PC104+)
86dB (cPCI), 90dB (PCI)
Gain Accuracy +/- 0.1mV, +/- 0.1 percent Not specified
Sample Rate 200K per Chan
(PCI,PMC,PC104+ & cPCI)
108K per Chan (PCI)
216K per Chan (cPCI)
Industrial Temp Range -40° to 85°C -40° to 85°C
Commercial Temp Range 0° to 65°C 0° to 50°C
Cost for 32-Channel $5,995(Qty 1)* $9,000

* Cost is for 32-Channel Commercial Temp Version. Quantity discounts available. Conformal coating available.
**Power is for the 32-channel version of the board. Power dissipation for other versions is 6 Watts typical.

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Sample Applications for Delta-Sigma and Sigma-Delta Boards:

  • Sonar Applications - Low noise, low phase distortion and multi-board synchronization make the Delta-Sigma boards ideal for state-of-the-art sonar and noise monitoring applications.
  • Telecom- Precision 8K Sampling Rate Combined with Integral Filters Make Sigma-delta and Delta-Sigma A/D Ideal for Telecom Applications.
  • Acoustics Analysis
  • Precision Voltage Measurement
  • Analog Inputs, Audio Spectral Analysis
  • Recording Studio
  • Audio Sonograms (Ocean & Underground)
  • Vibration and Noise Monitoring,
  • Radar, Target Locating (VHF & UHF synchronous time stamped data)
  • Software Radio (Digitized IF Data)
  • Harmonic Sampling

Distinct Features and Advantages:

  • Multiple, adjustable high-resolution clocks
  • Independent sample-rate control per channel
  • Asynchronous or synchronous inter-channel operation
  • Programmable harmonic sampling ratios
  • Image filters
  • Software selectable sampling rates
  • Software-selectable input voltage ranges from ±1.25 Volts to ±10 Volts

Antialiasing Input Sampling up to 1.1M Samples/Sec
Oversampling provides effective sampling rates equal to many times the corresponding rates for successive-approximation converters.

No External Filters Required:
You always have the maximum input bandwidth available for any selected sampling rate. Integral antialiasing uses both digital and analog filters to adjust the bandwidth automatically to just under one-half of the selected sampling rate. Out-of-band interference is stopped in its tracks, and never reaches your data arrays.

Large FIFO Buffers Included:
Large FIFO buffers are often required to cope with operating system latencies. Data loss is often unacceptable. They also minimize the number of PCI transactions required to move a specific block of data across the bus.

EMI Shields on PMC Boards:
The PMC environment can position sensitive analog components within a fraction of a millimeter of high-energy digital devices and busses. To minimize induced noise, General Standards provides an essential EMI shield between the analog section of our PMC board and the host board.

Extremely Low Noise Levels:
Standard speed Sigma-Delta boards provide superior low-noise performance with a 1.5 LSB-RMS typical noise specification, corresponding to just 57 microVolts on a ±1.25 Volt range, or a signal-to-noise ratio of 93dB from 10Hz to 100kHz! On all ranges!

Software Drivers:
Linux, Windows, LabView & VxWorks drivers are available. Call for Solaris and others.

View a selection table for Delta-Sigma and Sigma-delta analog products.

View a Free Report on The Top 10 Things to Remember Before Specifying a Data Acquisition Board!

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