We have QNX drivers for several I/O boards.


A QNX driver is available for the 12AIO/16AIO and ADADIO boards. Please contact factory for current development status. If a QNX driver is not available for a board, we can offer you a credit for developing a QNX driver or you can contact BCIS (contact info below) to determine if a QNX driver could be developed for the board. Please see the credit offer below.

--------- Credit for QNX Driver -------
Source code can be provided for the Linux and Windows drivers. A credit for the price of the board will then be made to customer's account when the QNX driver is received for one board.
GSC will have unlimited rights to the QNX driver produced using the other two drivers. And the customer will have rights to use the QNX driver thus developed for an unlimited number of boards from GSC (at an unlimited number of locations). The credit for the driver (thus developed by customer) can be made against prior invoices (or against future purchases).

---------BCIS Contact Info---------
Bohannon Consulting & Information Services
Office: (303) 471-9132
E-mail: rbbohannon@gmail.com

Please verify that a QNX driver is available for any specific model number before placing your order. If you need a driver that is not currently available, please contact factory.

The model numbering for QNX drivers is QNX-NNN*

--------- DELIVERY of software drivers ------
   Software drivers can be downloaded immediately. Upon receipt of an order drivers can be emailed. A CD (with doc. and drivers) is included with each board shipment.

----------- ORDERING -----------
   Please specify software driver. Please list your technical contact(s), including their email and telephone number.